Monitor Allert

Optimize your everyday emailing routine with Monitor Alert.
In other words, start separating the “music” from the “background noise”. Forget about the hustle of checking your inbox every 5 minutes in search for that important email. Now, you can adjust filters to your preference, in order to get PUSH notifications on your mobile device.
This app. sets email alerts and pushes notifications on your phone, based on your predefined criteria, enabling you to stay in touch with your peers or family, without having to constantly keep an eye on your email accounts.

Remain competitive and operational, be right on the spot whenever your intervention is needed.
Use this application to read emails containing important information such as:
- service down
- nagios alerts
- email from a bank
- email from your life partner
- user defined scripts which can monitor business important metrics
- zoneminder new events
The application needs internet access and should not be used as a sole application monitor.
Free version featurs:
- 1 server with 1 mail alert
- 1 server with 1 URL alert
Pro version features::
- unlimited servers
- unlimited alerts
- no ads